Heartbreaking News

With a heavy heart and great sorrow we regret to inform the passing of a magnificent singer. How lucky this world is to have heard the voice from singer Jennifer Pagliaro from The Band Roses and Cigarettes. And how hard to say goodbye to such a talented gifted singer. Her music and her voice will live forever on the Fretman’s Podcast.

Roses and Cigarettes was the Inaugural band to be featured on the Fretman’s Podcast debut. A three week postponement of the plot episode was imminent as the band was still finishing their latest Album “Echoes and Silence.” However, Lady Luck was on the podcast show’s side on one of their off days as the band was about to release their single (listed as the first track in the album), the song “Fast As I Can”.

The two ring leaders (Jenn and Angela) behind Roses and Cigarettes took a chance on the podcast show and on me. They took a chance to enter the unknown, a ghost interview that had no credible references to support. They risked their reputation as a raising band and with a forthcoming album. They risk a chance of bad publicity. For that, I am thankful, they risk their jobs, their source of income for a unknown outsider. An outsider living his dream through a hobby. An outsider living their dream just like they were living theirs.

My thoughts and prayers go to The Pagliaro Family, the band and close friends. Thank You 🙏🏼

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