Live On-Air, Episode 9- Zoom & SE Electronics Interview

Welcome to episode nine of the Fretman’s Podcast.

On this episode, we highlight two (2 of many others) companies that hold the Fretman’s Podcast show like duct tape. Certainly without these two products I would be using my iPhone as a recording instrument and not a cellphone.

During my visit and exploration at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show. I meet up with the companies that make this greasy wheel of a show turn. With no intention in mind other than to Thank them for creating affordable and productive equipment that even a lay person (referring to myself) would be able to use.

My first stop was the company named Zoom, and I love their motto “We’re for Creators”. Like they say, if the shoe fits! I got a chance to interview a very bright product specialist Samuel Greene from Zoom. Let me tell you, its amazing the new products that Zoom has coming out. To hear about their new products coming click on the link below to the episode. I want to give thanks to Zoom for creating the Zoom n4h. It’s been a world of difference recording with the Zoom n4h recorder. If you want digital clear recording with at 24-bit/96 kHz audio in WAV or MP3 formats, look no further. Catch this interview at The Fretman’s Podcast–SE-Electronics-e3deg3/Zoom–SE-Episode-9-abeh4l.

Zoom n4h to a SE Electronics DM-1 to Shure 57 microphone

Also on this episode we had a chance to meet and greet Chris Dauray Brand Manager for SE Electronics. Let me tell you, until about a few months ago I had no clue who SE Electronics were. If it wasn’t for a close friend that mentioned to me that my sound was dirty and suggested a microphone preamp adapter. I would still be one dirty bastard. If you think of a dynamite, the first image you think is the road runner escaping the coyote the cartoon. I certainly did, but my vision has changed. This is what I see now…

Dynamite DM-1 preamp microphone magic maker

And if you see the picture below the Zoom Logo, it’s connected in chain you’ll see how it works.

SE V-Series Microphones

Don’t forget to Catch this interview at The Fretman’s Podcast (click on tape below).

Winter NAMM 2019 Tapes!!

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